Distracted Driving is Dangerous!

Everyday we hear about the dangers of driving distracted. Yet, in our day to day driving to work, in the school carpool, or even out just running errands, we have all at some point  driven distracted.

Whether we are changing the station on the radio, listening to a book on tape, reaching for that cup of coffee, talking or texting on our cell, or just engaging in serious conversation with our passengers… we have taken the distraction risk.

That risk can be deadly. As an article that Operation Lifesaver recently shared on twitter points out, we are distracted when we multi-task despite our notion to the contrary.   We can make better decisions when we get behind the wheel. The decision we make to stay alert and always be aware of our surroundings can save your life and the lives of those around you.

This message is the same no matter where or when we are driving and includes when we are around or near train tracks. This is just one of the reasons why the Operation Lifesaver message; See Tracks? Think Train! is so important.

Here is a link to the recent article shared by Operation Lifesaver: http://legalnews.findlaw.com/article/78c9aa06f5db72e4eb54f69f35141e40?q=law%20or%20legal%20or%20lawyer%20or%20judge

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