California Operation Lifesaver Volunteer Honored for his Dedication to Rail Safety

We are thrilled to honor our dedicated CAOL volunteer Chris Ranford for his passion and dedication for saving lives with rail safety education. Thank you Pacific Surfliner for recognizing Chris’s outreach efforts. We appreciate your partnership. We thank the San Diego Padres for this special opportunity. Please join us in growing rail safety awareness by sharing the See Tracks? ThinkTrain message. September is #RailSafetyMonth in California and #USRailSafetyWeek is coming soon, 9/24 -9/30.

Pacific Surfliner Blog

Minutes before the San Diego Padres faced the Los Angeles Dodgers at Petco Park on September 3, Chris Ranford walked onto the field in his bright red Operation Lifesaver shirt. He never thought his work as a rail safety volunteer would bring him here, but as a life-long baseball fan, he was thrilled to have the honor of throwing the ceremonial first pitch. As his name was announced over the loudspeaker and the fans cheered, Chris wound up his arm and launched the ball as fast as he could, kicking off the Labor Day Weekend matchup.

The Amtrak Pacific Surfliner selected Chris as the representative for the first pitch to recognize his dedication as an Authorized California Operation Lifesaver volunteer and kick off September Rail Safety Month. His extensive outreach efforts have educated thousands of people across Southern California about the importance of staying safe around train tracks.

California Operation Lifesaver Outreach Event in San ClementeChris and…

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