Welcome to California’s Rail Safety Headquarters

Operation Lifesaver, Inc., a national, non-profit educational organization, seeks to reduce collisions, injuries and fatalities at America’s highway-rail grade crossings and on the railroad rights-of-way.

California Operation Lifesaver Train Awareness Program is a comprehensive train safety program that consists of the 3 E’s: Education, Engineering and Enforcement for California’s Railroad At-Grade crossings and Trespassing along the many miles of California’s Railroad Rights-of-way.

Free safety presentations are given to schools, community groups, school bus or professional truck drivers, emergency responders and other organizations. California Operations Lifesaver participates in many community events throughout California.

1 Response to Welcome to California’s Rail Safety Headquarters

  1. Lonnie Richardson says:

    Hi, I have been aware of CAOL for several years now and am interested in participating in events aimed at educating citizen about the dangers of going around lowered gates at grade crossings. I am currently a freight conductor for the UPRR at West Colton, and am a college student (junior) majoring in safety and health , (graduating in 12/2014). I look forward to communicating with you and arriving at some possibilities where I could become part of the team at Operation Lifesaver. Thank you for your time and commitment to public safety.
    Lonnie Richardson

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