2023 Respect The Rails – Don’t Take a Chance Make a Change

It is hard to believe that 2022 has moved into 2023.  As we enter the second week of January 2023, we leave behind a year full of memories, challenges, and another extraordinary year of providing rail safety education to California communities.  California Operation Lifesaver (CAOL) is fortunate to have an outstanding team of Authorized Volunteer […]

The Champions of Rail Safety

We are fortunate to have many champions of California Operation Lifesaver (CAOL) and supporters of our Rail Safety Month and Rail Safety Week efforts. CAOL is privileged to partner with railroads, state and federal agencies, community groups, and others to enhance the growth of rail safety awareness.  During September Rail Safety Month 2022, CAOL and […]

Closing out Rail Safety Month – Respect The Rails All Year Long

Another California September Rail Safety Month closes out on 9/30/2022 with Rail Safety Week having closed on 9/25/2022. What an amazing run of rail safety awareness campaigns, presentations, events, Red Out For Rail Safety Awareness, social media, and community and partner engagements that occurred over the span of 30 days. Starting with the kickoff of […]

What You Share Can Save Lives

Every year hundreds of people die needlessly on or around California’s railroad tracks. California has the highest number of Railroad Trespassing and Highway Rail Grade Crossing Fatalities in the United States. Providing Rail Safety Education and raising rail safety awareness is fundamental to everything California Operation Lifesaver does. California Operation Lifesaver (CAOL) is committed to […]

California Operation Lifesaver Kicks Off Rail Safety MonthRail Safety Partners Raising Awareness to Respect The Rails to Save Lives

California Operation Lifesaver Kicks Off Rail Safety Month. Rail Safety Partners Raising Awareness to Respect The Rails to Save Lives California Rail Safety Month is here! Each September since 2009, California Operation Lifesaver amplifies our year-round rail safety lifesaving mission. The California State Legislatures September Rail Safety Month Proclamation presented to California Operation Lifesaver and […]


California Operation Lifesaver (CAOL) is offering a new experience from beginning to end. We are excited to share with you our newly updated CAOL website! We hope you will join us as we enhance our efforts to grow rail safety awareness across California and Save Lives! Our new site gives you a first-hand view of […]