California September Rail Safety Month – Rail Safety Partners – Raising Awareness to Save Lives

Eleven years ago, in August 2009, the California State Legislature proclaimed September as Rail Safety Month. The legislature presented California Operation Lifesaver and their Rail Partners with this proclamation that recognized the need for rail safety education across the state.

Prior to that time, and since that proclamation, California Operation Lifesaver and Rail Safety Partners worked, and continue to work tirelessly growing rail safety awareness statewide.

“California Operation Lifesaver (CAOL) is committed to providing Rail Safety Education across California to change dangerous behaviors near railroad tracks. Ranking number 1 in fatalities in both trespass and grade crossing, this statistic emphasizes the critical need to educate the public about rail safety,” stated Nancy Sheehan the CAOL Executive Director.

CAOL partners with railroads and government agencies across the state. Together we observe September Rail Safety Month and Rail Safety Week (9/21 – 9/27)) to enhance our mutual rail safety efforts.  CAOL recognizes our partners and values their partnerships in rail safety.

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We appreciate our partners efforts to support our rail safety message, promote rail safety awareness, as well as implement their own programs that address our mutual commitment to save lives.

CAOL also works with law enforcement agencies, schools, community groups, city, and county leaders to develop and deliver rail safety education in communities with busy rail traffic and service.

Not only will we actively promote rail safety awareness in California, we will also participate in Rail Safety Week, supporting activities and the Stop Track Tragedies campaign with Operation Lifesaver Inc. and Operation Lifesaver Canada.                               Rail Safety Week runs September 21st – September 27th in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

During Rail Safety Month and Rail Safety Week, CAOL will utilize two grants to run a digital trespass ad campaign and a digital grade crossing ad campaign. These campaigns will provide a focused reach in high incident near miss counties across the state. We appreciate the support of OLI/Federal Railroad Administration and OLI/Federal Highway Administration for these important grant opportunities.

California Operation Lifesaver’s team of Authorized Volunteers work to raise rail safety awareness all year long. During this time of social distancing, in-person presentations and event participation is limited. We are working to provide virtual and distance rail safety education opportunities. We appreciate our team’s commitment to providing rail safety education in a variety of formats.

“California Operation Lifesaver greatly appreciates and recognizes our rail safety partners across the state for their commitment and support of our continued efforts. Their partnerships are essential to our ongoing mission to educate the public,” Sheehan emphasized.

We all need to work together. We urge the public to share rail safety messages with 5 of your family and friends; ask those 5 to tell 5 to keep the message growing. Join the campaign to raise awareness; #SaveLivesTell5!

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