How Many Can You Reach? TAKE THE CHALLENGE!


  • Every three hours someone is hit by a train in the United States. On foot or in a vehicle, the result is the same — severe injury or even death.
  • Preliminary numbers show 126 people were killed and 92 injured in trespass and crossing collisions in California in 2014
  • Vehicles at train crossings and pedestrians walking on tracks account for 95% of all rail-related deaths. And almost all of these deaths are preventable.
  • Distractions are deadly! Stay Alert whenever you are near train tracks

Rail related fatality and injury statistics can be daunting. The message from these numbers is clear; raising awareness and educating the public about rail safety is crucial in changing dangerous behaviors around railroad tracks and trains.

California Operation Lifesaver works with Operation Lifesaver, all of our fellow state OL programs, and railroad partners year round to raise rail safety awareness. In California, September is Rail Safety Month, another key opportunity to promote the rail safety message.

THE CHALLENGE                                                                                                                         So here is the challenge… what can you do to raise awareness? Start today and take the #howmanycanyoureach challenge!

Tell 5 people about #SeeTracksThinkTrain, ask them to stay safe and obey the laws around railroad tracks. Then ask them to share the message with 5 more people. Ask them to request their 5 to share the #SeeTracksThinkTrain message with 5 more…and so on.

But don’t stop there!

Let us know! Tag us on all your social media @CAOpLifeSaver or Operation Lifesaver Inc. @olinational . Retweet our tweets, Like/Share our posts, Tweet about it, put it on your Facebook page. etc.

Show us how the #SeeTracksThinkTrain message is growing. Together we can raise awareness and save lives!

We look forward to seeing your efforts and appreciate your helping us grow rail safety education throughout California! #howmanycanyoureach    #SeeTracksThinkTrain

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About Operation Lifesaver – Operation Lifesaver’s mission is to end collisions, deaths and injuries at highway-rail grade crossings and along railroad rights of way.    A national network of trained volunteers provides free presentations on rail safety. Learn more at; follow OLI on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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