New State Coordinator and Assistant State Coordinator Named for California Operation Lifesaver


February 4, 2015 — California Operation Lifesaver, Inc. (CAOL’s) Board of Directors announced two new positions for our nonprofit rail safety education organization: Nancy Sheehan will lead California Operation Lifesaver as State Coordinator and Becky Michalkiewicz will fill the newly created position of Assistant State Coordinator.

A seasoned California Operation Lifesaver Coordinator, Nancy has been with CAOL for over six years. During her time as the Northern Region Coordinator, she grew and unified the northern and central regions. Working tirelessly to create new outreach and develop stronger relationships with our rail safety partners, the Northern region has grown its rail safety awareness dramatically. Nancy developed a strong volunteer base throughout the Northern Region and is passionate advocate of their dedication and efforts.

Nancy cropped                                                                    Nancy Sheehan

Becky has dedicated three and a half years to developing the southern region, devoting vital efforts to increasing rail safety messaging, developing partnerships, and working steadfastly with volunteers to increase education throughout the region. Becky is committed to the efforts of CAOL and its volunteers and dynamically supports their commitment to sharing the rail safety message.

Becky ASC Pic                                                               Becky Michalkiewicz

As we go forth into 2015, California still ranks first in trespass incidents and statewide trespass incidents are up from 2013. We continue to rank number 2 in grade crossing incidents; these trends highlight the need to increase our efforts to raise rail safety awareness.

Nancy and Becky are both familiar with the needs of the organization, the importance of rail safety education, and have strong backgrounds in community outreach that will positively impact CAOL’s opportunity for growth.

Nancy and Becky share a passion and belief in the Operation Lifesaver mission and their appointments provide us the opportunity to increase our rail safety awareness statewide.

Please join us in congratulating Nancy Sheehan as our CAOL State Coordinator and Becky Michalkiewicz as our Assistant State Coordinator.

The California Operation Lifesaver Board

Martha Jimenez – Board Chair

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