California Operation Lifesaver targets at-risk individuals with EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS designed to create complete awareness of the danger that surrounds California’s railways.

Historically endangered communities are presented with active and dynamic marketing campaigns that give the mass public exposure to the seriousness of rail safety, and the consequences if the rules are ignored.

Classroom presentations and activities for school children make learning about railway responsibility a fun and interactive event. These exciting in-class displays are tailored to suit all ages, from Kindergarten through High School.

Professional drivers spend a huge amount of time around grade crossings, and their unwieldy trucks and trailers can pose an incredible risk to the safety of both driver and train. CAOL educates these pros of the road about the unique and specific dangers they face every day.

First Responders like emergency medical teams and haz-mat clean-up crews need special training and awareness about rail safety in order to do their important work. Informational and situational training courses prepare them for any eventuality.

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