Thank You for Joining Us to Raise Rail Safety Awareness to Save Lives

California Operation Lifesaver (CAOL) is grateful to our Rail Safety Partners who joined with us to share rail safety messages to “Raise Awareness to Save Lives” during California September Rail Safety Month and Rail Safety Week (9/20-9/26).                                               

Through cooperative efforts we work with our partners to change dangerous behaviors near tracks and trains. We value their support and collaboration to promote rail safety awareness that can help change deadly statistics and save lives.                                                                                                

During Rail Safety Week we support these messages across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.  Without our partners dedicated support we could not accomplish all that we do for our Rail Safety Mission.

Thank you to our California Law Enforcement and First Responders! Your support is so valuable and your commitment to our message and your efforts to get the message out to your communities is an important part of enhancing rail safety messages.

Partnerships In Rail Safety for Those Experiencing Homelessness

CAOL had an extraordinary opportunity to partner with City Net Homeless Services (City Net SoCal), Sacramento Loaves and Fishes, and Wind Youth Services to raise awareness with those experiencing homelessness.

City Net, we appreciate your proactive partnership in sharing rail safety tips with your outreach and on social media.

Wind Youth Services and Sacramento Loaves and Fishes we appreciate your interest and your working with us to provide our rail safety education to your staff as well as the adults and children impacted by homelessness.

California Operation Lifesaver was honored to be able to provide over 600 drawstring backpacks with essential supplies (toiletries and socks) to these advocates who work every day with those facing homelessness. Thank you to Union Pacific Railroad for providing the socks for these bags. Each bag carries a rail safety message: “Stay Away from the Tracks

Growing Awareness

Since the September Rail Safety Month proclamation by the 2009 California Legislature, we have worked to enhance our rail safety outreach by expanding rail safety partnerships and increasing community involvement.  We have steadily watched our rail safety partnerships develop as each partner and each community works together to find proactive and unique ways to enhance and grow awareness in busy rail traffic corridors statewide.

CAOL Rail Safety Team

California Operation Lifesaver remains grateful to our wonderful team of Presenters who continue to patiently support us as we work through the challenges of COVID restrictions. They remain steadfastly prepared to provide virtual and/or in-person rail safety education presentations as needed in our California communities. Thank you CAOL Team!

Rail Safety Time is ALL THE TIME

We raise awareness during Rail Safety Month and Rail Safety Week but practicing rail safety and sharing rail safety messages is a year-round commitment. It is a message for every day that is enriched by a combination of rail safety partners.

Help Save Lives

Everyone can help save lives! We ask that you pledge to make safe decisions near tracks and trains. Make the pledge for yourself and for your family and friends. Then share rail safety tips with your loved ones.

  • Never walk on tracks; it’s illegal and highly dangerous
  • Never use railroad tracks as a shortcut
  • Never take photos or videos on tracks
  • Never try to beat a train
  • Never go around lowered gates at a crossing
  • Trains have the right of way 100% of the time 
  • Trains can move in either direction at any time. 
  • Avoid Distractions: No Phones – No Texting – No headphones
  • Cross train tracks ONLY at designated pedestrian or roadway crossings
  • Always Expect a Train!

Always obey the signs, signals, and laws near railroad tracks. Every 3 hours a person or vehicle is hit by a train. Don’t let you or your loved ones become a statistic.

Join us Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month, Next Year… ALWAYS! Make a rail safety pledge today.  Help Save Lives, Share the message, Save Lives Tell 5 !

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