Volunteer Appreciation for CAOL

Our volunteer presenters go above and beyond the call of duty every time they pick up the banner of rail safety, and we want to make sure they know they’re appreciated. They do so much—its only right that we give a little back.

In Southern California, the volunteers were treated to a Big League Ballgame under the lights, as the Los Angeles Angels of Aneheim squared off against the Washington Nationals. It was a classic, grueling battle, going all the way to the 10th inning. But those who stuck around saw the home team prevail at long last. Good thing there was plenty of snacks and cola to go around!

The Northern and Central Regions teamed up and got together at the California Rail Museum for an Award Luncheon and Recognition Ceremony. Such a great group for such a great get-together. A fully catered lunch was followed by a recognition ceremony of CAOL volunteers who really stood out, making incredible contributions, coming through in the clutch, or just being a rock-solid pillar for spreading our message. (We’ll be posting CAOL Hero Stories all week long on Twitter—sign up and follow us!) Thank you one and all.


Imagine if we could all get together like that all the time… Well, we’re getting together soon! The Region 7 Volunteer workshop is right around the corner, and we’re pulling out all the stops. If you haven’t checked in with us about attending, please do by replying to this email! We’ll be going over some great stuff with some great folks.

Another great way to stay active in the CAOL Community is Facebook! I know, I know… New-fangled technology… But by participating in the CAOL online community, you can keep in touch with other volunteers, board members and coordinators, post photos of events or presentations you’ve done or share articles and insights on day-to-day rail happenings. It’s easy to join, and we promise its a ton of interactive fun.

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