About Us

California Operation Lifesaver is an independent non-profit rail safety education and awareness program dedicated to ending collisions, fatalities and injuries at highway-rail grade crossing sand on railroad rights-of-way in the State of California.

California Operation Lifesaver Raising Awareness to Save Lives

Every year hundreds of people die needlessly on or around California’s railroad tracks. California has the highest number of Railroad Trespassing and Highway Rail Grade Crossing Fatalities in the United States. Providing Rail Safety Education and raising rail safety awareness is fundamental to everything we do. It remains critical for California Operation Lifesaver (CAOL) to continue to raise awareness in order to bring our rail safety message to the public and save lives.

There is always a need to share rail safety education that provides Californians important information on how to keep themselves, their friends, and their families safe near tracks and trains. California Operation Lifesaver provides free in-person and virtual presentations to all age groups. Supported by group appropriate visual materials, videos, and brochures, our presentations are available for all audiences including: students, teachers, parents, bus drivers, professional truck drivers, law enforcement, first responders and community groups. CAOL educates the public on how to make good decisions around railroad tracks  in order to stay safe and avoid preventable tragedies.

Growing Rail Safety Awareness

We encourage California citizens to become active rail safety advocates in their communities by sharing rail safety tips with their loved ones. We ask them to help save lives and share the message with five of their family and friends, and then ask those 5 to tell 5 and so on… This is how our Save Lives Tell 5 campaign began. Community engagement increases rail safety awareness which can help us eliminate dangerous grade crossing and trespassing behaviors. #SaveLivesTell5

As an independent non-profit organization, California Operation Lifesaver relies on the support of private citizens and corporations, state and local transit organizations, as well as our devoted and energetic team of Authorized Presenter Volunteers. All of our supporters have the CAOL Mission at the heart of their dedicated participation. We join together with a mutual goal to raise awareness to eliminate track tragedies at highway rail grade crossings and along railroad rights-of-way in California.
CAOL works all year long to change dangerous behaviors that cause preventable injuries and loss of life.

You Can Make a Difference

  • Our Rail Safety Mission is greatly assisted by your generous support.
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    • Grow our outreach
    • Help us change dangerous behaviors to save lives!
  • Your support will help provide education that plays such an important role in the safety and well-being of Californians.
  • Every contribution helps and your gift will be put to work immediately!

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