Becoming An Operation Lifesaver Trained Authorized Volunteer

Our trained Authorized Volunteer Team provides presentations to all age groups. Supported by group appropriate visual materials, videos, and brochures, our presentations are available for all audiences including: students, teachers, parents, bus drivers, professional truck drivers, law enforcement, first responders and community groups.

Our devoted and energetic volunteer team supports the CAOL Mission with their dedicated participation. They are committed to educating the public on how to make safe decisions around railroad tracks in order to avoid preventable tragedies.

If you are interested in becoming a trained Authorized Volunteer that conducts free programs on rail safety education, for audiences across California, please follow the steps below.

Steps to becoming an Operation Lifesaver Authorized Volunteer (OLAV)
  • Prospective Volunteers fill out and submit the online OLAV application,  then reviewed by their Operation Lifesaver State Coordinator (in California, they are reviewed by the California Executive Director/State Coordinator). Applicants will receive an email telling them how to go to the next step in the process, the online classroom training.
  • Next, applicants complete the online classroom, “The AVE” (Authorized Volunteer e-Learning), which is available 24/7, whenever it fits YOUR schedule.  You can save your progress in the online training module, and are encouraged to complete it over more than one session.
  • After completing the AVE online classroom, your state coordinator/executive director will contact you to schedule the next step to complete the OLAV process.
  • Authorized volunteers will report their safety activities via Operation Lifesaver’s online reporting database, so they can easily keep track of their presentations, training and special events.
  • With the new OLAV program, OL volunteers will have more options to choose from for interacting with an audience.
  • Volunteers must fully understand and agree to abide by all OLI General Policies and Procedures as stated in the volunteer application.

If you are interested in applying, you can begin the process today by clicking below.