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California Operation Lifesaver Kicks Off Rail Safety Month. Rail Safety Partners Raising Awareness to Respect The Rails to Save Lives

California Rail Safety Month is here!

Each September since 2009, California Operation Lifesaver amplifies our year-round rail safety lifesaving mission. The California State Legislatures September Rail Safety Month Proclamation presented to California Operation Lifesaver and our Rail Safety Partners emphasizes that we must all work together to change dangerous behaviors along railroad rights of way.

For over 43 years, California Operation Lifesaver (CAOL) has provided rail safety education. Joining with our rail safety partners, we continue to increase awareness with communities across the state. Providing our rail safety education for every audience, we participate in community events and work at all levels with our cities and counties. We encourage them to share rail safety messages and be proactive in becoming rail safety communities. 

Ranking number 1 in fatalities in both trespass and grade crossing, makes it even more critical that we continue to educate the public about rail safety. California Operation Lifesaver works all year long to provide rail safety education throughout the state. During California Rail Safety Month, which includes Rail Safety Week(September 19 – 25, 2022), celebrated in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. We continue to enhance our efforts and raise awareness to save lives.

As CAOL Executive Director, Nancy Sheehan expressed, “CAOL partners with railroads and government agencies across the state. Together we observe September Rail Safety Month and Rail Safety Week to enhance our mutual rail safety efforts. CAOL is grateful to our partners and values their partnerships in rail safety. We appreciate their support of our rail safety mission to promote rail safety awareness. We are honored to participate in our rail safety partners campaigns that address our mutual commitment to save lives.”

Rail Safety Partners Join to Raise Awareness to Respect the Rails and Save Lives

CAOL not only actively promotes California Rail Safety Month, we participate in Rail Safety Week, supporting activities like the Stop Track Tragedies campaign with Operation Lifesaver Inc.Operation Lifesaver Canada and Mexico.

During September, CAOL is grateful to utilize two grants to run a digital trespass ad campaign and a digital grade crossing ad campaign. These campaigns will provide a focused reach in high incident near miss counties across the state. We appreciate the support of Operation Lifesaver Inc., the Federal Railroad Administration and the Federal Highway Administration for these important grant opportunities.

California Operation Lifesaver’s team of Authorized Volunteers work to provide rail safety education all year long. We work with law enforcement agencies, schools, community groups, city, and county leaders to develop and deliver rail safety education in communities with busy rail traffic and service. We provide in-person presentations, rail safety event participation, and virtual presentations. We value our amazing CAOL Team commitment to providing rail safety education in a variety of formats.

CAOL believes it is important that we all work together to save lives. We urge the public to share rail safety messages. We urge them to ask their family and friends to Stay Off and Stay Away from railroad tracks and trains. Ask 5 of your family and friends to choose safety and ask those 5 to tell 5 to keep the message growing. Join the campaign to raise awareness; #SaveLivesTell5!

For More information visit: https://www.caoperationlifesaver.com