CAOL Enters a New Decade of Commitment to Rail Safety Education- Happy New Year 2020!

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California Operation Lifesaver (CAOL) closed out 2019, a year and a decade of commitment to raising rail safety awareness across California.

Throughout this 10 -year period, our amazing team of authorized volunteer presenters dedicated their time and passion sharing our rail safety message statewide reaching nearly 1,235,000 through their presentations and events.

Each year CAOL added to our team’s efforts with a variety of educational and advertising methods to reach our California communities to increase rail safety awareness. Over just the last 3 years, our digital and TV ads alone reached over 34 million Californians and 9 million watched our rail safety PSA messages in their entirety.

Over the decade, our partnerships and community involvement have grown creating a collaboration of support and commitment to rail safety education.

Each year in this recent decade, we faced the challenges of a multitude of dangerous behaviors around railroad tracks that involved both trespass and grade crossing activities. In this 10-year span California ranked number 1 in Trespass Casualties (both injuries and fatalities) and number 2 in Grade Crossing incidents. As California’s fatalities in both Trespass and Grade Cross were higher than any other state, CAOL joined with our rail safety partners and community leaders to grow our mutual efforts to do all we can to enhance our outreach statewide.

As we enter a New Year and a new decade, we remain focused on our commitment to change dangerous behaviors near railroad tracks and along railroad rights of way. We remain dedicated to enhancing our rail safety education and messages, working with our rail safety partners and communities to change the numbers and save lives.

California Operation Lifesaver begins this New Year with a plan to optimize our efforts through strong rail safety partnerships and proactive community involvement while continuing to provide our grass roots education through our outstanding volunteer presenters.

We ask Californians to pledge their support and make the choice to practice rail safety and lead others by their example to avoid distractions, obey the laws, signs and signals near railroad tracks.

We ask that you join us in saving lives by sharing our rail safety message and demonstrate your commitment in actions and words. Please ask your family and friends to join us and always practice Rail Safety!

Together we can make 2020 our safest. Help Save Lives! Save Lives Tell 5! 

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