CAOL Welcomes Rebecca Michalkiewicz as Southern California’s New Regional Coordinator.

Michalkiewicz (mi-CHA-ka-wits) might be a mouthful, but you can call her Becky, and here at California Operation Lifesaver, we couldn’t be happier to have her on board. If you did a scan for professionals in the public safety field, who have a background in training  new recruits, who’ve developed training programs, who’ve edited, published, produced and directed support materials, who’ve written grant proposals, who’ve worked with one of the state’s largest law enforcement organizations—you would find Becky at the top of what we would imagine to be a pretty short list. And she’s as an impressive of a person as she is a professional.

For over ten years, Becky has been involved with the research and planning department of the California Highway Patrol (more affectionately known as the CHP). During that time, one of her main responsibilities was to develop and manage the Child Passenger Safety (CPS) program. As the statewide coordinator of that program, she has managed regional coordinators, mentored instructors how to instruct, and been responsible for the CPS education of Highway Patrolmen and women at the CHP Academy in Sacramento. Becky trains people to become experts, to excel at the highest level, and to make a difference in the safety and well-being of the public. We couldn’t be more excited to have her on our team.

And of course, we wish Sara Logan all the best. She has moved to Washington State to pursue other interests. She will, however, be working with Becky through the month of June for a smooth transition. We thank her for everything she’s done for this organization—as a key member of our team she’s helped to make California a safer, smarter place. We wish all the best for her and her family in everything they do. Sara, you will be missed.

Please join me in welcoming Becky at or on her cell (916)524-4346, and thanking Sara at

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