Mark Kalina Shares His Story at Arlington High in Riverside

Mark Kalina ( spoke with the Arlington leadership students during class and the student body at lunch about his “short-cut to save five minutes that changed his life forever.”

Mark’s message is one of personal strength and gratitude.  “Most train accident victims do not get to stand in front of you and tell a story.  I am lucky,” Mark shared with Arlington’s fourth period Leadership class, “I was trying to save myself five minutes. It wasn’t worth it.”

Listening to Mark’s 911 call illustrated to students the severity of the accident.  At one part of the call, Mark tells the operator, “kill me now” in response to the police chopper flying in the opposite direction.  Sophomore, Drew Shaw said, “it make me realize how important it is to stay off the tracks and be safe.  Everything can be taken away so quickly.”


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