Rail Safety Month – Rail Safety Week – All Year Long!

Is it possible that October is here? Where did September go?

In California, September went to Rail Safety Month and Rail Safety Week with a complete array of outreach that included: Rail Safety Tips, Messages, PSA’s, Presentations, Events and more!

We hope you joined our Rail Safety Month efforts by following us and sharing our important messages with your loved ones and your community.

When we look at the number of California fatalities for both Trespass and Grade Crossing incidents, it emphasizes the U.S. statistic that, “Every 3 Hours a person or a vehicle is hit by a train.” California factors into a large part of that statistic. It takes all of us getting involved to raise rail safety awareness to change that number.

Rail Safety Month and Rail Safety Week (recognized 9/18 – 9/24 this year, by the U.S., Canada, and Mexico) gives all of us an additional opportunity to help our families and communities understand and commit to making safe decisions near tracks and trains.

California Operation Lifesaver (CAOL) had a busy September with rail safety awareness campaigns, presentations, social media messaging, and community and partner events that occurred throughout the month.

CAOL was excited to kick off our Rail Safety Month with a great new Rail Safety Month page. We are growing each year and we are grateful to our amazing Rail Safety Partners who joined with us to promote our “Rail Safety Partners Raising Awareness to Always Respect the Rails and Save Lives” campaign.

If you have not had a chance to see our Rail Safety Month page or recognize all the amazing Rail Safety Partners who participate, we encourage you to visit today. Be sure to check out the many partners who are committed to Rail Safety, sharing rail safety messages, and promoting community involvement across California.

We are grateful to our partners and our followers for the incredible support and participation we received that intensified and grew our mission during Rail Safety Month and Rail Safety Week.

CAOL and our Rail Safety Partners challenged our followers and communities to be proactive and choose safety first near railroad tracks. We asked them to participate in promoting Rail Safety Awareness and share our Rail Safety Tips with their family and friends. We encouraged them to spread the rail safety word to help us change dangerous behaviors near tracks and trains.

Would you like to see what happened during September Rail Safety Month? We invite you to visit and follow our social media sites: FacebookInstagram and X,  to view firsthand the diverse rail safety education that occurred during September. You can see not only CAOL’s efforts but also see our Rail Safety Partners’ incredible awareness campaigns.

Don’t stop at visiting and learning about Rail Safety Month, by visiting our California Operation Lifesaver website, you can see who we are, explore what we do, and find out how you can get involved to help save lives. It can be as easy as joining in raising awareness with our Save Lives Tell 5 campaign or requesting one of our Rail Safety Presentations.

As October brings a true changing of the seasons, our mission and message does not fade away. Our Rail Safety mission has not ended. It is a message and a program that remains critical all year long. It is a message that both CAOL and our Rail Safety Partners continue to share. Together we share a never-ending commitment to Stop Track Tragedies and Save Lives.

We cannot do it alone! It takes not only CAOL and Rail Safety Partners working together, but we also need YOU! We need you, your family, friends, and communities to get involved. Your Voice Matters! When it comes to saving lives, Every Voice Counts!

We urge you to continue to keep our Rail Safety messages streaming via all formats. Your Word-of-Mouth, social media, and in person and online endorsements are potentially the most valuable tools we have to raise awareness and Stop Track Tragedies.

We challenge you to share our Rail Safety Tips. Always choose to make safe decisions near railroad tracks. Think about how you can inspire your loved ones and your community to do the same. Make a choice to get involved and help your neighborhood or city become a rail safe community.

We thank all who join us in our mission. We look forward to collaborating with our partners, family, friends, and fellow citizens to create rail safety communities that practice Rail Safety every day all year long.

It is only through our joint dedication and awareness efforts that we can change deadly statistics and save lives.

Think how many lives we can save together. Become a Rail Safety Mentor by demonstrating rail safety behavior every day. Share the message, how many lives can you save? Save Lives Tell 5!

CAOL extends a big THANK YOU to all our Rail Safety Partners who join in our mutual efforts to change dangerous behaviors along railroad rights of way. We could not do it without you. Thank you for your support, commitment, and dedication!

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