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In June 2023, California Operation Lifesaver (CAOL) was excited to launch the first edition of our On the Right Track Newsletter. In subsequent newsletter releases we incorporated rail safety messaging, updates about events or outreach that promote raising rail safety awareness. Each newsletter incorporated connections to our California Operation Lifesaver website, our blogs, as well as links to Rail Safety Resources, our Rail Safety Partners, OLI, and Rail Safety Tips and information.

CAOL’s On the Right Track strives to promote rail safety awareness by growing our Rail Safety Partner and community connections. By subscribing to our newsletter and sharing it with your family, friends, and community, our opportunities increase to engage Californians across the state to join in our mission and create statewide Rail Safe Communities.

If you have not had a chance to read an On the Right Track newsletter you can see past issues here.

Our On the Right Track issues have included:

  • Save the Date, important dates to remember.
  • California Operation Lifesaver links to help navigate our website content.
  • New last month: Partner Spotlight
  • Coming in December: Volunteer Highlight.
  • Links to our Rail Safety Blogs
  • Rail Safety Tips
  • Rail Safety Month and Rail Safety Week Links
  • CAOL engages in other safety missions to incorporate our rail safety message within those initiatives. For example: National Pedestrian Safety Month and National Teen Driver Safety Week. These types of year-round engagements provide important opportunities to include rail safety and underscore the importance of safe behavior near tracks and trains.
  • Each newsletter includes a “Support Us” section with an opportunity to Donate and help us sustain and grow our mission. There are a variety of ways you can support and help us grow our Rail Safety Mission.

How does subscribing and sharing On the Right Track help?

By subscribing to our rail safety newsletter and sharing it with your family, friends, and community, you increase rail safety awareness that can help change dangerous behavior near railroad tracks.

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