The Importance of Rail Safety: Education

As Operation Lifesaver, Inc. explains on their website: “Education is fundamental to everything we do at Operation Lifesaver.”                                                                                Below is the excerpt from the OL National Page on “Education.”  You can also read it on the OL website at: .

EDUCATION                                                                                                                                                     Education is fundamental to everything we do at Operation Lifesaver.

Our rail safety programs offered by dedicated volunteer Presenters in schools, civic and community organizations along with specialized training for law enforcement, professional drivers and emergency first responders give people information they need to stay safe around railroad property and rights-of-way. Our programs provide valuable facts about trains, illustrate how drivers can safely navigate highway-rail grade crossings, and reinforce that it’s illegal and unsafe to ever walk on, or use railroad tracks for, recreation.

Most people are surprised to hear that in America, a person or vehicle is hit by a train about every three hours. We believe the majority of those train/vehicle and train/pedestrian collisions can be prevented if people have easy access to rail safety education programs; that’s why ours are free. Our successful partnerships with rail safety advocates in the railroads and at the state, federal and local levels work together to reduce those collisions using a combination of education, enforcement and engineering advancements. In our increasingly distracted society it’s a reality that teens often wear headphones and drivers talk or text behind the wheel, making Operation Lifesaver’s mission to raise rail safety awareness increasingly, and acutely, relevant.

Join us to spread rail safety education awareness, help keep your community safe. Click on Education Resources to find out more about our free school programs and resources; go to Training and Volunteer Presenters for information about Operation Lifesaver programs in your area, or visit Videos to view some of our award-winning rail safety clips.       ___________________________________________________________ Education is a key component of our rail safety Three E’s.                                            California Operation Lifesaver is dedicated to sharing and educating the public about rail safety throughout our state.  To request a presentation or to apply to volunteer to share our rail safety education, visit our website at:

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