What’s in Store for Rail Safety 2024


As we step into 2024, we are excited to renew our Rail Safety Partnerships and continue enabling our amazing California Operation Lifesaver Volunteer Presenter Team to further expand Rail Safety Education across the state.

Planning has begun with our Rail Safety Partners to enhance our mutual commitment to change dangerous behaviors near tracks and trains. Meeting with our statewide Partners, we work to identify critical rail safety issues and plan campaigns and outreach that will help us impact positive change. Together we seek opportunities to incorporate our mission along rail corridors and connect with communities that will benefit from our rail safety initiatives.

Our plans encompass both proven methods that have consistently yielded successful results and the exploration of fresh options to invigorate our rail safety messages throughout California communities.


Digital Marketing

We continue to utilize targeted digital advertising methods to key in on our high-incident and near-miss counties. These successful campaigns remain our most comprehensive mobile and digital outreach program. These digital channels provide us with our broadest demographic reach as well as ways to impact the greatest number of Californians with Rail Safety messaging.


Target Audiences

A critical part of our rail safety mission is incorporating community outreach for specific target audiences. California Operation Lifesaver works with our Rail Safety Partners to identify audiences in need of our rail safety education. Our messages are finely tuned to resonate with diverse groups including:

  • Professional Truck Drivers
  • School Bus Drivers
  • Law Enforcement
  • First Responders
  • Community Groups
  • Students of all ages

Campaigns & Initiatives

Our goal is to reach all audiences to promote awareness and gain their commitment to always Respect the Rails and Choose Safety First.

It is through our amazing Authorized Volunteer Presenters that we reach these audiences. It is through their “grass roots” efforts and their dedication to our mission that we can provide Rail Safety Presentations in person, online, and at community events. It is through Rail Safety Education provided by our California Operation Lifesaver Team that we deliver our message directly to the public in Cities and Counties across the state.             

We look forward to the opportunities that 2024 brings! We are committed to engaging our California communities to become a part of our Rail Safety Mission. We invite them to make it a priority to Choose Rail Safety and always Respect The Rails.

It is through community involvement, awareness, and rail safety education that we save lives! It is when communities share our message with their fellow citizens and their loved ones that we can change dangerous behaviors near tracks and trains and Stop Track Tragedies.

Please Join Us! Together we can make 2024 a rail safe year. Help us create Rail Safe Communities. Save Lives Tell 5!

Help grow rail safety awareness in your community, request a California Operation Lifesaver Rail Safety Presentation or request our participation at your community event. 

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