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A letter from California Operation Lifesaver Executive Director:

Greetings From California Operation Lifesaver,

California has the highest number of Railroad Trespassing and Highway Rail Grade Crossing Fatalities in the United States.

The number of injuries and fatalities have been on the increase across our state. It remains critical for California Operation Lifesaver to continue to raise awareness. In order to bring our rail safety mission to the public, we need your support.

California Tragic Statistics 2015-2018
• 724 Trespass Casualties (including injuries and fatalities)
• 410 Trespass Fatalities
• 674 Highway Grade Crossing Incidents with 149 fatalities
• A total of 559 Trespass and Grade Crossing fatalities

You can help us continue our efforts and grow our outreach to create and provide rail safety messaging by contributing to CAOL using the link below.

Support California Operation Lifesaver click the link below:    

2018 Contributions helped CAOL with Education and Rail Safety Awareness
(Samples of how your tax-deductible contributions can help)
•  2141 Rail Safety Presentations were provided to a variety of audiences
•  103,522 Californians were reached with our presentations by our dedicated                               CAOL Team
•  37,000 plus were reached with our team outreach at city, county, state and                            community events
•  14 million+ were reached with CAOL’s digital ad campaigns in 2018
•  25,000+ Rail Safety Education Outreach Materials

Everyday California Operation Lifesaver works to change dangerous behaviors along railroad rights of way to change the numbers and save lives. Raising Rail Safety Awareness and Providing Rail Safety Education and raising rail safety awareness is fundamental to everything we do.

It always brings me a sense of pride to watch our California Operation Lifesaver Authorized Volunteer Presenters provide rail safety education for students, first responders, school bus drivers, and audiences across California.                                               Our team’s dedication to grow rail safety awareness to save lives is inspiring!       Wordpress 2 Wordpress 3 CAOL Outreach

You can help save lives and enhance our outreach with all audiences across California: students, school bus drivers, homeless community, law enforcement, first responders, city and county officials, and communities.

I hope you will make a commitment to support rail safety education in our communities across California by making a gift to CAOL. Your support will help impact change and Save Lives.  Every contribution helps and your gift will be put to work immediately.

Your support will help provide the education that plays such an important role in the safety and well-being of Californians. We are dedicated to educating the public to help save lives. We are deeply grateful for any financial support of CAOL’s rail safety mission.

Your gift today makes a big difference tomorrow and every day!

With Gratitude,

Nancy Signature                                                                                                                     Nancy Sheehan
Executive Director
California Operation Lifesaver

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                                                       Save Lives Tell 5 (3)                                                                      We ask that you tell five of your family and friends to always practice rail safety and ask those 5 to tell 5 and those 5 to tell 5… together we can change the numbers and
grow the message. #SaveLivesTell5

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