Closing out Rail Safety Month – Respect The Rails All Year Long

Another California September Rail Safety Month closes out on 9/30/2022 with Rail Safety Week having closed on 9/25/2022.

What an amazing run of rail safety awareness campaigns, presentations, events, Red Out For Rail Safety Awareness, social media, and community and partner engagements that occurred over the span of 30 days. Starting with the kickoff of Rail Safety Partners joining together to promote “Rail Safety Awareness to Respect The Rails and Save Lives.” As well as our Rail Safety Partner, Caltrain’s presentation to CAOL of a Suicide Prevention and Rail Safety Month Proclamation. A great start to our month.

An array of #RespectTheRails, #STOPTrackTragedies #SaveLivesTell5 promotions increased from early September with a goal to grow community awareness to become proactive in supporting and sharing rail safety messages throughout California.

CAOL and our Rail Safety Partners challenged our followers and communities to pledge their commitment to Rail Safety. We asked them to participate in promoting Rail Safety Awareness and share our Rail Safety Tips with their family and friends. We encouraged them to spread the rail safety word to help us change dangerous behaviors near tracks and trains.

We are grateful for the incredible support and participation we received that intensified and grew our mission during Rail Safety Month and Rail Safety Week.

We could list all the that took place, but to get a better perspective, we invite you to visit and follow our social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to view firsthand the diverse rail safety education that occurred during this proclaimed month and week.

As we embark into October, the most important next step recommendations that we can share is to urge you to continue to keep our Rail Safety messages streaming via all formats. Your Word-of-Mouth, social media, and in person and online endorsements are potentially the most valuable tools we have to raise awareness and Stop Track Tragedies.

But it does not stop there… our mutual challenge, is that once you share our Rail Safety Tips, it is critical that those you share them with, must in turn pay it forward and always choose to make safe decisions a priority near railroad tracks. It is their dedication to inspiring their loved ones to do the same that will help us become a part of a dedicated rail safe community.

This cannot just be a Rail Safety Month and a Rail Safety Week concept. Raising, promoting, and practicing Rail Safety Awareness is an all year long commitment. It is only through our joint dedication and awareness efforts that we can change deadly statistics and save lives.

We thank all who join us in our mission. We look forward to working together with our partners, family, friends, and communities to make our #SaveLivesTell5 slogan become more than just a slogan. It must become a way of life that demonstrates California’s active efforts to bring rail related incidents and fatalities to zero.

Watch for our blog next week recognizing our Rail Safety Partners for their support, campaigns, and work that were instrumental in the success of Rail Safety Month and Rail Safety Week.

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