The Champions of Rail Safety

We are fortunate to have many champions of California Operation Lifesaver (CAOL) and supporters of our Rail Safety Month and Rail Safety Week efforts. CAOL is privileged to partner with railroads, state and federal agencies, community groups, and others to enhance the growth of rail safety awareness. 

During September Rail Safety Month 2022, CAOL and many of our partners joined together to “Raise Awareness to Respect The Rails & Save Lives.” Together through CAOL campaigns, individual partner campaigns, as well as joint partner efforts, it was our mutual goal to increase community recognition that emphasized the need to change dangerous behaviors near tracks and trains.

California Operation Lifesaver recognizes the many partners and communities who joined in the “Respect The Rail and Save Lives” Campaign. We are thankful to all who participated, as well as those who sponsored their own rail safety promotions, tagged us, supported our rail safety events and activities, or shared our rail safety tips.

Through September, when CAOL is intensifying our presentations, events, popup safety blitzes, social media announcements, and more, we are strengthened by the support of our partners and their commitment to the growth of rail safety education. Our partners, city and county leadership and community groups hosted varied awareness and safety campaigns. The combination of CAOL’s outreach and individual partner and community focused efforts emphasized making safe choices near railroad tracks and engaged Californians to share our messages.

One of the most compelling take-aways from these rail safety partnerships is the concentrated volume of rail safety interactions that reached the public.

It is this concerted undertaking and the amazing support we receive from dedicated partners and communities that assist California Operation Lifesaver in its lifesaving mission. It is combined partnerships that help us in our mutual commitment to Stop Track Tragedies.

We value the dedication and support of our partners and communities. We appreciate all who joined in to make Rail Safety Week and Rail Safety Month a success. We look forward to our continued and growing partnerships that will help us change deadly statistics.

California Operation Lifesaver extends a big “Thank You!” to all who participated and shared in delivering our rail safety message to save lives!

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